How do I take care of the earrings (and other jewelry)? 

Handle them with care! They should be the first to be taken off and the last to be put on. Don't just toss them around!

We recommend that they don't get wet. Also, avoid large amounts of lotion or perfume on the earrings (hey, things happen). Water and the ingredients in certain lotions and perfumes can tarnish the material of the earrings, meaning the colors won't pop or sparkle as well!

If water or lotion gets on the earrings, it will in no way be harmful to you! You can keep wearing them if you like the rusted look! But to keep the earrings beautiful for as long as possible, you should keep them dry.

To clean them, gently use a dry cloth.


What do I do if there's an issue with my order?

Please contact us or email us at customer.service@simonespieces.com

Please provide your name and your order number.

If merchandise is damaged, please provide a picture. 

Please be kind!

We answer all emails and will work hard to ensure you get your pieces! 


What are the delivery options?

We offer free domestic shipping over $20 through USPS. Your order will arrive within 7-10 days and if you want it faster, you can email us at customer.service@simonespieces.com. We can get it shipped in your desired time-frame for a fee.


For international shoppers, we offer standard shipping, which usually takes around 11-17 days. We offer free international shipping for orders over $65. If you want it faster, you can email us at customer.service@simonespieces.com. We can get it shipped in your desired time-frame for a fee.


Can I return a product?

Please visit our Shipping and Returns page


How do I find out the material of the Piece?

You can find the material in the product description.

Some of our jewelry is alloy, which is a combination of metals to make it affordable, yet last as long as possible.

We have a collection of sterling silver pieces, a collection of gold plated pieces, and a collection of gold-filled pieces. Descriptions of gold plated and gold-filled are in the product description and/or in the collection description.

Some of our pieces are made of titanium and/or stainless steel. 

You can always email us or DM us on instagram if you have any questions or concerns. 


What should I order if I have metal allergies?

We have a collection labeled "Hypoallergenic Options" that features sterling silver, titanium and/or stainless steel, gold plated, and gold-filled pieces.

Different people have different allergies, so these are our recommendations, but it is up to you to decide which metal is best for you. 


Why do you have 2 different prices for your butterflies?

The $4 or $5 butterfly earrings are made of alloy. Alloy is a combination of metals that's designed to be affordable. It can rust due to the oils of your skin. It's a great option for customers without metal allergies, who want to save money.

The $14+ butterfly earrings are plated with real gold, making them hypoallergenic. Gold plated earrings have a longer lifespan than alloy earrings.


What if I don't see my size or what if my pieces don't fit?

Please email us at customer.service@simonespieces.com and we'll work with you to ensure you're happy. 


Why should I create a Simone's Pieces account?

You would get offered exclusive deals, it would be super easy to purchase Pieces in the future and you'll find out when new products are being offered. It's easy and you can always change your mind.


Please contact us if you have anymore questions.